Free programs that do a great job and are very reliable. I suggest that you visit the author's or publisher's site and down load their most recent version. If you can not find what you want, download a copy from this table.
Command Line: send email



Free SMTP mail client (mailsend). Very handy when you have a smtp mail server( usually Unix based). Call this utility to send messages, alerts, warnings, general mail message. Connects to smtp server who relays to mail servers. download

size: 28k zip

author's site:

Command Line: secure ftp client



Free (psftp): Allows for totally automatic ftp file transfers. Does not seem to work when called by a Windows Service. But works fine from timer task or command shell. Provides for a batch script file that can be written on the fly. download

size: 256k

author's site:

Windows Utility: Find Duplicates




Free utility with Windows GUI (DoubleKiller). Finds duplicate files, great for managing MP3's and Digital Photo files. download

size: 374k

author's site:

MacOS: Stuffit Classic


MacOS9x and older

Free Utility (stuffit): decompress Stuffit files for the Macintosh download

size: 9.18 meg


Graphics Tool:

Gimp 1.2


Free GNU graphics tool(gimp). Alternative to PhotoShop. Complex but robust. Make logos, banner pages, shadow drops, the works. download site Note: you new gtk plus gimp, two downloads

size: 12 meg


Digital Audio Editor: edit wave and mp3 files Audacity 1.2.3


Free sound file editor (Audacity). Edit sounds clips, cut, paste, fade-in fade-out. Perfect for making sound clips for slide shows and DVDs. And the price is right. download

size: 2.34 meg


Screen Snap Shot tool:

ClipnSave 2.2


Shareware/Free version (ClipnSave): grab screen scrapes/snap shots free form rectangle, save as gif, bmp, or jpeg. download

size:257k zip

author's site: